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Song: Né


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Finding suitable titles for pure instrumental tracks is a journey on its own. Typically, my tracks are associated with a positive and partly energetic spirit. So without words, the purpose of a title for instrumental music is to generate additional visual associations for the listener while listening to the song. Ideally, this intensifies the spirit of the song. So here are the visual interpretations and stories I had in mine when giving each song a title.

The Puffins are Right
Imagine cliffy areas on nordic islands giving a safe haven for countless wildlife where the puffins are the coolest ones showing a mindset of a „so what!“ equality.

The one and only event for life hitting the ground. Né is a french verb meaning „born“. I had written the track in the year in which our first newborn catched the light of the sun. Fun fact aside, it is part of my name ReNé, „der Wiedergeborene“.

Uncertainness and conviction at the same time, life being on the mayflower, back in the 16th century, when some brave men on the sailing ship made their way to America. Funny fact, the song has been released the day Mayflower reached its haven 398 years later.

The song sheds positive light, I personalized it by giving it a name - not a title - and Lumi is what I came up with.

Message on the Fridge Door
Our fridges are the communication board for our nearest family members and yes, the make me and my best ones feeling loved :)

When nothing comes into your mind, 25 is the number to go for. Simply, the release day - period.

Quatre Vieu
What is your favourite color. Blue is mine, as my eyes are.

What is your favourite color. Blue is mine, as my eyes are.


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NJUː >>> electronic


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