projekt klangsprünge

Hey there, I'm René. projekt klangsprünge is an acoustic guitar project, dedicated to my small-little-something creativity and inspiration in string tunes, clap beats, melodies and its combination. Pure instrumental fingerpicked tracks are waiting for you right here to listen to. All tracks are written, performed and recorded by myself.

Enjoy, leave your thoughts, share if you like it and listen to more tunes on my soundcloud page.

seagull coastline s6 cdear gt (steel string, western), taylor 316ce (steel string, western), ortega r200 (nylon string, classical), admira estrella (nylon string, spanish handmade flamenco), fishman rare earth pickup, spl goldmike 9844, 2 beyerdynamic mc930 mics, audio technica at2020, mackie pro fx12, adam a7x, apple logic pro, roland acoustic amp ac-33, meinl 20th anniversary bongos, latin percussion congas

rené alexander koerner, munich (germany)
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